One question we hear in the brand management world all the time: Are you plans sufficient? Follow-on questions go like this…Can you reach the goals for your brand with this level of spending? Will you win the necessary share of hearts, minds and markets? Is it enough? Do you have enough? What is competition spending? Is your spend mix right?

It is a constant battle of spending levels. There are formulas, matrices, etc. Set the goal high enough and you may get more. Set the bar low enough and you may get less. A battle of bar graphs & %’s.

But as we all know, numbers are only part of the answer. What is behind those numbers? Are your sales coming more from discounting & promos? Are you replacing premium sales with discount sales? What is happening with our customers, brands, products & channels?

Here is a question we can ask ourselves for the weekend. Are we sufficient with our body, mind, soul & relationship development? What is lagging? Are there black holes behind our own “personal numbers”?

Here is a good link from Tim talking about compounding your time…food for thought.