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Are we getting any closer to the Mobile Augmented Reality future?

Even though my wife and I are both well beyond the days of cereal box prize collecting, we often enjoy discussing the offers on cereal boxes over coffee in the morning.

Surprisingly, my wife and I still see a lot of static, non-interactive “back of the cereal box” offers & contests–at least in Europe.  As a cereal manufacturer, why wouldn’t you want to turn a traditional cereal box offer into something [...]

The power of a sincere, personal appeal (+ a face)

If you haven’t seen the Jimmy Wales personal appeal for Wikipedia donations recently, then you probably don’t use the internet very much.

Lately, Wikipedia’s fundraising committee has been serving up a large picture of founder Jimmy Wales + a personal appeal on just about every Wikipedia page that exists.  The strong performance of the personal appeal banner campaign has apparently destroyed every previous campaign used by the Wikipedia fundraising [...]

In-house agencies & witty “meta” ad campaigns

The debate around using in-house advertising services instead of outside agencies has gone on for years.  While there are pros/cons on both sides, most big companies today outsource most of their ad work to agencies.

Chipotle re-opened the debate recently by ditching their ad agency in favor of an in-house team.  In parallel, Chipotle created an ad campaign that poked fun at traditional ad agencies.  Below is [...]

Cookie Monsters and Invisible Ad Friends

Image by ???? via Flickr

The appetite for advanced consumer tracking technology online has been exploding over the past few years.

Specialized tracking companies that collect and organize your daily online surfing behaviors have been around for awhile. Recently, however, a new breed of companies that collect and build advanced consumer profiles have been springing up like mortgage dealers in a housing bubble as the online ad [...]

Cultural me and Alex Bogusky

The essence of childhood is innocence. The essence of youth is awareness.  The essence of adulthood is responsibility —Andy Crouch

Cultural Me

High culture, low culture, pop culture, ethnic culture, mass/social media dominated culture, political culture…we’re all part of culture in some way.  Today, we create more culture than ever in today’s crazy world of self publishing (blogs, micro blogs, facebook, youtube, etc.).  It is amazing to watch [...]

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