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A “Product Guy” and Inspirational Marketer…

Though he had his fair share of flops in his early days (Apple III, NeXT, Lisa) and some well documented personal flaws, probably the greatest “product design CEO” of our era was Steve Jobs.

I realize that I am writing about Jobs a little later than most, but I finally finished the massive 500 page W. Isaccson biography over XMAS & I wanted to jot a few thoughts down about the [...]

A cool “inside out” campaign from The Container Store

We all know the story…once upon a time in a decade far, far away (like the 50s) companies cared about their employees and lifetime employment was the norm.  Turnover was rare and employees expressed strong company loyalty–that’s sort of the cultural narrative anyway.

Then, a whole rash of things happened (globalization, deregulation, etc.) and the bond between company/employee was broken. Star employees became free-agents, able to find better deals with the [...]

“Purpose driven” should not be faddish in the Age of Singularity

Apparently the topic of “purpose driven marketing” was in vogue at the latest Association of National Advertisers convention in late Oct.  You can read all about it in this Ad Age article.

It is great to see the advertising community getting on board with purpose.  I hope they don’t treat the idea of standing for something beyond $$ as a fad.

The greatest brands all stand for something above and beyond profit

The [...]

Identity thoughts

Image via Wikipedia

Identity is a pretty complex “umbrella” concept that gets tossed around a lot. If you talk to someone in business/marketing, identity covers everything from a company name and logo, to an entire image or perceived set of values in the marketplace.

If you talk to a social scientist, they’ll use identity to describe a person’s expression of their individuality. Indeed, social psychologists will see identity as [...]

The Purpose of a Brand & Branding

Those not as familiar with marketing/brand building like to send questions on the topic my way, so I thought I would write a few lines on brands and purpose.  This is not an exhaustive discussion, but hopefully it provides a couple of links for you (esp. start-up folks) to check-out.

Let’s start by pulling a definition of a brand from experts in the space:

A brand is a distinctive bundle [...]

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