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CEO of Dynamic Logic discusses Brand Ideals, Personal Branding & Social Media Marketing

Nick Nyhan, the CEO of Dynamic Logic, A Millward Brown Company, gave an inspirational presentation at P&G a few weeks ago.  Recently, I asked him if he could provide a few of his thoughts to m-cause readers.  In the interview below, we discuss a range of topics (Brand Ideals, Personal Branding, & Social Media Marketing).  Some good nuggets in this one.  Enjoy!

Can you tell us about Dynamic Logic and the [...]

Abundance and “Go-Givers”

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.”–Martin Luther King Jr.

If you watch too many episodes of The Apprentice, you might fall into the trap of thinking that in business, you only have to look out for #1.

This is definitely not what Bob Burg and John David Mann preach in their book (I need to add this one to my summer reading list) called The [...]

The Purpose Paradox

I am currently reading a philosophical business book called:  Purpose, The Starting Point of Great Companies by Nikos Mourkogiannis…the book is a bit different from your standard “10 points to success” blueprint.  Nikos builds his arguments on the classic philosophical ideas of Aristotle, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Hume.  So if you are looking to grab a business book that does some dabbling in philosophy, then go pick this one up.  Below are [...]

Personal branding & brand purpose…more to come

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting in on two inspirational presentations at P&G.  Hopefully, I will get to tell you much more about these presentations over the next couple of days.  To get you ready for what is coming, I will set the stage for you below…

1st UP:  Lessons in Personal Branding from a P&G VP…

As I wrote in P&G wins (gasp) advertiser of the year and laughs, P&G has been characterized by some in the advertising [...]

Marketing as customer service…thoughts from Switzerland

Photo Credit:  Ian Lord

I currently live in Switzerland…while I love most aspects of living here, customer service in restaurants is oftentimes less than stellar (to put it mildly).  I am not alone in this assessment (I hope I get a couple of comments on this post from friends backing up my claim in this area).  I realize that this is partially due to the way the [...]

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