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Branded apps are dead. Or are they?

Just over a year ago, Deloitte launched a report on the state of mobile branded apps. The result was pretty disheartening. Most branded apps were considered flops, as the report outlined that 80% of branded apps had been downloaded less than 1,000 times.

In fairness to the brands–many of them have just been experimenting with APps (testing & learning) during the initial App creation boom. Mobile spending is still only a [...]

Where everybody (not only the database) knows your name

Most people who stumble on this blog probably remember the TV show Cheers.  It was a pretty good show where the manager, Woody, sort of knew his patrons and developed human relationships with his loyal visitors.  There have been different shows pop up in the wake of Cheers, inspired by the communal business feel and relationships between patrons and the business.  I’m watching a show right now in Germany (ahem, [...]

Enhancing human experience and avoiding terrible times

I am a big believer in technology like most of you reading this blog post. I’ve personally benefited from the way in which technology can create entirely new relationships online.  The best social media experiences I’ve had are those that lead to actual offline meetups and networking opportunities.

Lets say that you’ve been trading ideas over Twitter or via the blogosphere with a couple of folks over the past year, and [...]

people are our greatest asset?

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts this week and I heard a story about someone who had a great service experience at a restaurant.  He was so impressed with the waitress that he took a few minutes to just tell her how much he appreciated her and that she was doing a great job.

The waitress started crying.

Now, I don’t know all of the details here, but what [...]

No thank you left behind

How often have you forgotten to thank someone?

Like some of you, I have grown accustomed to wearing thick consumer goggles in our service led economy.  While I try to remember to thank the people who serve me every day, sometimes I fall short.  I am busy. I get distracted when I am in “consumer” mode.  So, when a brand helps me to slow down and “smell the roses” I think it’s pretty [...]

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