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Are we getting any closer to the Mobile Augmented Reality future?

Even though my wife and I are both well beyond the days of cereal box prize collecting, we often enjoy discussing the offers on cereal boxes over coffee in the morning.

Surprisingly, my wife and I still see a lot of static, non-interactive “back of the cereal box” offers & contests–at least in Europe.  As a cereal manufacturer, why wouldn’t you want to turn a traditional cereal box offer into something [...]

The people vs. high mobile roaming charges. The people win.

Last week, I had some family from the U.S. visiting me here in Europe.  The weather was amazing, and we took loads of pictures. We wanted to instantly share these moments with others back in the US, however, in order to avoid “data shock” (e.g. a 1,000 Eur/$ charge) we only used our phones upon returning to the hotel room (where we had WiFi access).

Affordable mobile data access is not [...]

Taking care of your own house first

Just a few years ago, we watched the dramatic rise and fall of myspace.  When Facebook eventually emerged as the social networking winner, there was no easy way to “transfer” myspace community members to Facebook’s walled garden.  Unfortunately, most companies didn’t have the resources to follow up with the “dangling” myspace fans (e.g. ensuring they opted-in to a company managed email list or RSS feed) and so the community/relationship building [...]

Why Foursquare lags in Europe (for now)

Confession time.  Have you ever traveled abroad and returned home with a massive cell phone bill?

On a recent US–>Europe trip, I decided not to buy the outrageously expensive daily package from my service provider because I thought I would use data services “sparingly” while in the US.


I will spare you all the details of my smartphone bill horror story…it was ugly.  Luckily, I am not alone in my dislike for [...]

Smartphones are eating the world, and helping people eat too

This week Marc Andreessen (co founder of Netscape/tech. investor extraordinaire) wrote an interesting article entitled Software is eating the world. In the article, Marc mentioned that in 10 years we could see 5 Billion smartphones on this planet.  Wow.  Smartphones are eating the world too…

Go read the article if you haven’t yet; it is a good one.

In 10 years, smartphones and smart mobile software will certainly do a much better [...]

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