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More web 2.0 sites popping up around “cause”

I just stopped by one of my favorite cause related marketing blogs…aptly titled Cause-Related Marketing.  Paul Jones does a great job of covering cause related marketing campaigns.  I suggest you check out his blog.

Today, Paul talks about some cool new cause related web 2.0 sites that could use a little network effect love.  So, I am doing my part to link to the them this evening…go on over and check [...]

Amazon’s associates; Geneva’s spectacular small library; Room to Read

Yesterday I was playing with Amazon widgets and stumbled across the Associates Program. As far as I understand the program, bloggers can refer their traffic to Amazon and if a purchase is made from the referral, then the blogger gets to pocket a small %. When you join the program, you can choose to receive the money via 1) gift cert. 2) direct deposit or 3) check. I joined [...]

Getting into EarthMoment before Earth Day

Just before XMAS, last year, I was looking for a good place to make online purchases linked up with any type of cause for good. After a bit of searching, I stumbled upon EarthMoment–an online site where I could get quality products and offset carbon emissions all in one go. I was pretty happy to find such such a site and mentioned it within an earlier blog post. [...]

Controversy…Should Managers take a Green Hippocratic Oath?

 Photo from Pingnews

Hope you are having a great weekend.  Here in Geneva it has been rainy and dreary!

The Harvard Business Review recently posted a controversial conversation starter by Rakesh Khurana and Nitin Nohria called “Should Managers Have a Green Hippocratic Oath?”   Khurana and Nohria posit that business management should become more like the professions of medicine and law by adopting a professional code.  Such a code would help them better consider [...]

Top 5 reasons to be a social entrepreneur and Zurich in the afternoon

Today I flew into Zurich, had a business meeting in one of the airport conference rooms…and then flew back to Geneva. The whole process took about 6 hours and I ate about 6 rounds of Swiss Air chocolate (what they give you on these short hops). I was feeling a bit guilty about not taking the train, but I had no choice on this one.

ANYWAY, it seems that [...]

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