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The End of Corporate Responsibility and social media failures (+ other things)

Lots going on, so here are a few links to get your Tues. juices flowing…

Capitalists Hail the End of Corporate Responsibility:  Jeffrey Hollander is an inspiring guy.  He runs the #1 Good Company on Earth and has written a very good book (which I am reading now) entitled What Matters Most.  In Capitalists Hail the End of Corporate Responsibility, Jeff discusses a semi-rant against the Hot Air of CSR by [...]

The Growth of consumer reflection…what will it mean?

Consumers have a lot to consider before making a purchase of anything during these trying economic times.

On top of traditional purchase factors (Price, brand etc.) consideration of a company’s environmental and social stance seems to play a bigger & bigger role right now.  According to an excellent recent report by Forrester analyst Sally Cohen, consumers say that on top of everything else, their purchases are now generally influenced by the [...]

Build it in, or add it on?

What company is NOT in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index?

I am all for sustainability indexes and rankings as they tend to increase accountability and transparency, but when I flipped through the DJSI index and realized that British American Tobacco is included in the DJSI I had to (sadly) question the overall validity of the index.  I am sure BAT has some great internal programs, and I bet that they they [...]

Trash stories from Germany

Figuring out how to manage your trash properly is one of the more daunting things for a foreigner to grasp when they start living in Germany.  As an American accustomed to recycling some basic items (cans, paper, etc.) I was pretty overwhelmed by “full throttle” recycling programs in Germany when I first arrived in the late 90s.  Now, after living in Bavaria (Rosenheim & Augsburg),  Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart) and Geneva, Switzerland, [...]

James Bond & evil corporate greenwashing…

Picture:  Courtesy of titlap

I guess many of you (in Euroland) have already seen the new Bond film Quantum of Solace.  If you haven’t already seen the film…don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil it (completely) for you in this blog post. And, I am also assuming many of you have already heard that the new film has an interesting French villain ((Dominic (not so) [...]

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