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Want fries with that hack?

Those of you who subscribe to this blog via email might have (oddly) received an older post from “me” in your inbox today.   Some of you might have noticed a strange little ad at the bottom of the e-mail.

Additionally, if by chance you recently Googled m-cause, you may have received a notice that my site may be “compromised.”

All is well now.  I’ve had the [...]

Come on. NOW!

When I was in the Fortune 50 corporate world, one of the best pieces of practical advice I ever received was to “save as a draft.”  Hostile emails sent off in (real time) moments of anger typically don’t help anyone.

We all live in a NOW world (& it’s getting faster)

That was then (good old email days) but this is NOW.  Since its launch in 2006, Twitter  has given rise to [...]

Berlin, Berlin

I’m hanging out in Berlin for a couple of weeks right now.  There is a great art, music & post modern counter-culture vibe here that seems to be exciting young people all over Europe (& the world).  The Euro tech startup scene is taking off as Berlin passes London (while it burns) as the place for young talent looking to shake the tech status quo on a shoestring budget.

US power [...]

Enhancing human experience and avoiding terrible times

I am a big believer in technology like most of you reading this blog post. I’ve personally benefited from the way in which technology can create entirely new relationships online.  The best social media experiences I’ve had are those that lead to actual offline meetups and networking opportunities.

Lets say that you’ve been trading ideas over Twitter or via the blogosphere with a couple of folks over the past year, and [...]

Mama, I just want to be famous

We’re all pretty bland in reality, but the reality TV shows don’t call if you are boring.

Personally bland, but acting Extreme

In order to be famous today, I can’t just be different, I must be EXTREME.

And fame is the name of the game in our celebrity obsessed world.  A series of studies recently have identified this interesting shift in our culture–especially with respect to younger kids.

A survey of 5 – [...]

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