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What was the first thing you learned in business school?

What’s one of the first things you learned in business school?

Below, I have paraphrased a couple of statements that I think everyone hears early on in business school…

Your responsibility as a manager is to maximize shareholder value. or wealth..and you, as a future manager, are legally responsible for this.  The shareholder is the only stakeholder that (really) counts.  Just maximize the net present value of any & every project and [...]

A manifesto for 2009…

In a world facing extraordinary global challenges (climate change, credit crunch, etc.), many consumers are beginning to realize that they may need to adjust their lifestyles. John Grant in The Green Marketing Manifesto writes that for each individual person, there must be a reduction in the harmful use of resources by 66% (in the UK) and up to 85% in the US if we are going to conquer [...]

Kenyan cowboy shirts…gotta get one

Still shopping for XMAS presents…feeling like buying something that contributes to a cause over the holidays? For the next few posts, I am going to talk about m-cause holiday season gifting favorites.

For my first pick, I need to go back to my roots. Well, at least conceptually (I am originally from Oklahoma). My #1 pick this year is a Kenyan cowboy shirt from a [...]

Converse 1HUND(RED)

You have to admire how Converse Chuck Taylors managed to stay cool over time. Chuck Taylors, those old, basic looking Converse shoes that stopped being functional for sports about 40 years ago–managed to retain their attitude throughout several decades as “anti-heroes” like Kurt Cobain and Joey Ramone adopted the brand…In 2008 (finally I am writing about it) Converse turned 100 years old and as part of their anniversary program [...]

Good Monday

Believe this GOOD video was sponsored (in some way) by the folks at Kenneth Cole.

Some encouraging stats on volunteerism in the video. Indeed, tons of great service projects going on out there. All too often, however, this work goes unnoticed….so during these challenging economic times, perhaps we will have less time to shop, but more time for other GOOD activities.

Here are [...]

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