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Good Monday

Believe this GOOD video was sponsored (in some way) by the folks at Kenneth Cole.

Some encouraging stats on volunteerism in the video. Indeed, tons of great service projects going on out there. All too often, however, this work goes unnoticed….so during these challenging economic times, perhaps we will have less time to shop, but more time for other GOOD activities.

Here are [...]

How to avoid post Obamaphoria stress syndrome: engage the RIGHT

Photo by: gruntzooki

I don’t know how you feel, but after the Obama election, it seems like there is a sort of gaping void that the press is trying to fill.  After this hard fought campaign, it feels as if the press is trying to look for anything to report (the Obama family’s dog choice, etc.)

So, my big idea in this blog post tonight is that we [...]

Arty Laundry detergent that cares…?

I just found this cool, very upscale, eco-friendly laundry detergent called Care&s on a great packaging blog/website called The Dieline. I tried to find out more about Care&s their website, but it seems that they are keeping their concept in semi-stealth mode for now.  Care&s claims to have a new formula with an organic enzyme that is eco-friendly.  I wanted to add images, but I am having trouble [...]

A Crowdsourcedworld…Jeff Howe & the power of driving crowds

Below is short post just to let you know what I am thinking about at the moment.

Crowdsourcing is hot right now & it is on my mind.  I just picked up a copy of the highly anticipated Crowdsourcing book by Jeff Howe.  I also like his blog which continues to examine the crowdsourcing topic in real time…indeed, it seems that as technology progresses, more & more activities in more & [...]

No “would be” capitalist left behind + Bill Gates in the afterlife

In the US, we have a somewhat controversial educational program called No Child Left Behind.  Though the day to day execution of the program may not be perfect (or even very good), the broad idea behind the program is great…that everyone has value and something to contribute to society and therefore everyone is entitled to a decent education.

Sadly, around the global business world, we are leaving a lot of “would [...]

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