How are you using Facebook today?  Though Twitter & FriendFeed are much more “real time”, and seem to take the one to many communication revolution to the next level, Facebook is still a place where you can catch up with old friends, or connect to new like-minded people (if they are open to connecting on Facebook).  On Facebook, you can also share a little bit more content (e.g. pictures) beyond just your “up to the minute” thoughts.

Just recently I connected with John Yi, an old friend from my West Point days, on Facebook…after our connection, I learned that John is on the board of One Acre Fund.  One Acre Fund is a relatively new & innovative non-profit that is re-thinking the chronic hunger problem in Africa.  Instead of giving “hand-outs”, One Acre provides families with a tiny investment package (think micro-credit) that enables them to grow their own way out of hunger.  John told me that with $240 worth of qualified seed, hand tools, and training, One Acre Fund can double a farmer’s income in 12 months and have them afford to pay the Fund back (with interest!)  After only 2 years out of the gate, 2000 families have been served and the young organization is closing in rapidly on fiscal sustainability.

Under the leadership of founder Andrew Youn, One Acre Fund has quickly gained credibility within the social entrepreneur community by winning both the Stanford and Yale Social Entrepreneurship fellowships and by gaining support from the Draper Richards Foundation.  As always, however, more resources are needed in order to help One Acre Fund achieve its lofty goals over the next 2-3 years.  Click here to join Andrew, John and the rest of their team in stopping chronic hunger in Africa now.