Anyone trying to pull together digital marketing insights knows that it is a royal pain in the backside to simply track and stay on top of how an industry is trending, given the explosion of digital marketing channels.

Sure, there are loads of social media monitoring tools on the market, but nothing really helps you go from strategic insight–e.g. share of voice, market share –down to granular insight like what YouTube video just “popped” in Brazil.

Indeed, as the digital marketing pendulum has shifted to a real-time marketing paradigm, we’ve gotten overly focused on the “here & now,” while losing sight of what really matters on the strategic side.

FINALLY, there is a digital marketing analytics tool that gets this right.  eBench was developed by digital marketers for digital marketers.  Let me give you a little taste of what using the tool feels like.

eBench scrapes digital data daily from thousands of Websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and Twitter handles.  With this data, users can create different types of charts in a couple of clicks. The tool is simple to use, and its interface is very intuitive.

eBench lets you define a ‘market’ in a broad variety of ways: select your category (e.g., soft drinks), your timeframe (e.g., last month), your digital ‘channel’ (e.g., Facebook), et voila! eBench instantly gives you Facebook activity day by day for your category.

You can then quickly go from your market overview (e.g., by company, by brand) to more detailed views (e.g., by page, by language, by country) by clicking directly into the chart.


The truth is, most marketers still aren’t entirely sure how to assess social data.  Is Coca-Cola’s 4.5 million “Talking About” big? Is it really that engaging?  Maybe.  At a minimum, we need to get our arms around  the data in a competitive context: 43%  category share of Talking About–now THAT means something.  It’s 8x more than Pepsi even though Coca-Cola “only” has 4x more Likes than Pepsi. We can conclude that last month Coca-Cola was able to get 2x more “People Talking About” per Like than Pepsi.

Want to understand in what markets digital activity is strong today? Just select “World Map” to visualize in what countries your brand/company outperforms.


Over the past few years it has often been true that more data meant more confusion, more room for endless discussion and in the end…inaction.

eBench is one of the few tools I’ve seen that is super easy to use–turning one’s growing trove of data into a comparably growing trove of insights.

Get your hands on it before the competition does.