I love meeting and working with startups developing innovative tools within market niches.  Today, I’d like to talk about Werner Hofmann and his startup golftimer--hands down the best golf lesson scheduling software / golf pro business tool on the market today.

When I first had a full chat with Werner Hofmann, the man behind golftimer— he was naturally out and about on the golf course.   Among other things, we talked about how mobile is impacting golf lesson scheduling.  For example, today, busy golf lesson seekers on the go are no longer willing to schedule golf lessons via phone call or personal visit to a pro shop.  They would prefer to book a lesson on the go via a smartphone (iPhone, Android device, etc.) on online instead.  Golftimer solves this problem by enabling amateur golfers to access their pro’s calendar and easily schedule a lesson with them from their own smartphone and/or tablet via an App.

Additionally, golftimer sends a reminder SMS/email message to users just before a lesson starts.  This is super useful as mobile SMS messaging is personal and targeted to busy amateurs on the go.

By using golftimer’s efficient self-scheduling software and mobile web app, golf pros can eliminate the time consuming manual booking process that they often have today.  Gary Occhino told us that he saves thousands per year by using Golftimer.  He’s implemented golftimer into his website at GaryOcchinoGolf.com.  Click on the “Schedule” area at the upper right hand of his site to see how it works.

In the end, golf pros (and golf pro administrative staff) save hundreds of hours (and dollars) per year by using a fully mobile enabled golf lesson scheduling software tool like golftimer.  I’ve been impressed with the tool, so I’ve started working with the team myself.

Check out golftimer online when you get a moment and then schedule a lesson with a pro via your mobile device.  You won’t be disappointed!