A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ –Steinbeck

First, I want to wish all of you out there in the blogosphere a VERY happy New Year!


So what will you be into in 2011?  Allow me to go first…In 2011, I’ll start the year with a look into purpose, consumption & mobile on this blog.  I’ll sprinkle whatever I’m discussing with a marketing eye + a bit of social critique (as usual) and hopefully a dash of humor from time to time.

Speaking of having a productive & interesting 2011…I know a lot of you out there (like me) plan for the year in GREAT detail.  You study the calendar, make resolutions and try really, really hard to get it all organized just right.  But have you ever reflected on just how often emotions (something we can’t plan for) drive goal oriented behavior?

For example, have you ever been really embarrassed about your performance & then harnessed a somewhat uncomfortable emotional response to propel yourself to an entirely new level?  Yep, the experts tell us that a one function of emotion is to direct and energize goal oriented behavior.

Positively Moody

Though moods are slightly different than emotions, the general academic findings show us that positive moods increase the likelihood of performing certain behaviors (e.g. pro-social & volunteer behaviors).  Positive moods also seem to increase excellent service encounters & advertising perceptions (useful when you want to buy/sell stuff).

! Happy 2011 !

So happy people are service oriented & more inclined to become social activists.

Interestingly, Governments are finally starting to measure their happiness indices.  The U.K., for example, has announced it will execute a happiness index, asking citizens about their well-being.  The happiness index will be released alongside other key economic indices (finally!)

It is great to see that Governments are seeking to understand happiness.  Perhaps Government leaders will also read the NYT’s most popular article this week on happiness and equality & start learning from the happiest country around (Denmark).

So if you’re trying to increase a little social activism or consumption this year–find a way to make folks happy.  And, while your at it, take a look a the NYT bestseller list…Tony Hsieh’s book entitled Delivering Happiness has been #1 for something like 27 weeks.

Super Happy New Year!

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