Just how overrated is consumption?

Gaurav Mishra is trying to answer some pretty heavy questions about the nature of consumption in his blog to book experiment, The Marketer Who Went Off Consumption.

As global warming breathes down our collective necks and we enter “the age of responsibility” we should all probably question our consumption habits. Do we really need all this things?  Why does XMAS now just have to be about the gifts?  What if we all really made a commitment to just live a bit simpler & unclutter our lives?

Gaurav believes that “owning, buying, hoarding” is shifting into a experience, share/exchange/giving mindset.

At times in my life I have lived pretty lean.  During my days at West Point, I basically survived with a radio, computer & a bed.  Once you live like this for a few years, you realize that you really don’t need much.  My wife sometimes jokes that I could probably live like a monk and not have a problem…though we live relatively lean in Europe right now, we could certainly still clear out about half of our stuff and be just fine.

I am interested in hearing more from this “Amish marketer:” Keep going Gaurav…