In the USA, Nov 11th is Veterans Day. This year, in a show of support for Veterans and active duty servicemen/women, P&G is sponsoring Digital Veterans Day (DVD).  On Wednesday, digital leaders from P&G, Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Yahoo will descend on Cincinnati to support the non-profit social networking site MyVetwork. The goal of the night will be to leverage social networks, buzz & targeted online ad buys to deliver 100,000 new registrants on the non-profit site.

Below are some of the benefits of MyVetwork…

Connect To a New Career
Despite Veterans’ proven skills and capabilities, the unemployment rate is higher for Veterans than for their civilian peers.  MyVetwork is a great place to find out about jobs & network.

As a Vet myself, I know that the transition to civilian life after military service can be especially difficult during tough economic times. Companies can readily find experienced talent and don’t need to take “risks” on service men/women just getting out of the service.

Connect to Resources

There is a ton of info out there on the web for the military.  MyVetwork seeks to provide context, not just content – especially in the areas of health, education, careers and financial services. MyVetwork’s leverages proprietary algorithms and community-created resources, forums and groups, tips, etc., that can be quickly shared for the benefit of all.

Connect the Whole Family
It’s not just the soldier who goes to war – it is the whole family. Being a spouse or family member left to cope at home presents its own sets of challenges. On MyVetwork there are individuals and groups who can help.

Connect to a Community that Works
Unlike other social networking sites, MyVetwork is the only community built by those who have served, for those who have served, and for the people who love them. People don’t join MyVetwork to make friends per se, but rather to make connections: to information, resources, jobs, advice, and to a community that is dedicated to helping its members succeed in life.

So, if you know a veteran or anyone currently in the military and want to support MyVetwork, you can easily be a “virtual” part of the DVD event by just adding a “shout out” to your Facebook profile /Twitter, etc. encouraging people to sign up with the site today, Nov 11th.

Thanks for your help…in light of the startling recent spike in violence in Afghanistan & the tragic Ft. Hood incident; it is a good time for all of us to join together in support of the men & women out there in the field.

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