Get eBench before your competition does

Anyone trying to pull together digital marketing insights knows that it is a royal pain in the backside to simply track and stay on top of how an industry is trending, given the explosion of digital marketing channels.

Sure, there are loads of social media monitoring tools on the market, but nothing really helps you go from strategic insight–e.g. share of voice, market share –down to granular insight like what YouTube [...]

This chart highlights the incredibly complex world of digital marketing right now

This chart highlights the incredibly complex world of digital marketing right now.

If you work in digital marketing, you know that things are pretty insane when it comes to making a technology decision.  Just walk the floor of any major digital marketing tech show and try to wrap your head around the entire landscape.  Good luck…

Yep, the scope of digital marketing is pretty amazing at [...]

Dear U.S. digital leaders. Are you thinking Global First?

One of the most compelling promises of the internet was that for first time in human history, businesses could connect and transact with people anywhere in the world.  Roughly 20 years into the digital revolution however, less than 50% of the global population enjoys access to the internet.

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7 steps to consider when taking a start-up or small business global

We live in truly amazing times.  Back in the internet stone age (the year 2000) there were only 350 Million online globally, and the content was largely English language focused.  Today, 2.6 Billion people are online and the dominant country is China.

As access to the internet has exploded over the past few years, some digital powerhouses have done a great job of taking their businesses global.  Facebook, for example, had [...]

Is something in your background bothering you?

When I bought my first iPhone a few years ago, I was drawn in by the allure of Apple and the world of Apps. At the time, I didn’t realize how many sensors were inside my phone.

The coolest thing for me as a consumer was the accelerometer–the sensor that enabled the iPhone to figure out if it should be in landscape or portrait mode and adjust itself accordingly.

Later, of course, [...]

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