On a snowy December day like today, I enjoy firing up my iPad as I watch some Thursday night football (tape-delayed because I’m in Europe).  🙂

Tablet adoption rates have been pretty incredible over the past three years–much faster than most analysts expected.  The iPad, for example, has ramped up much faster in its first 10 quarters after launch than the iPhone/iPod as KPCB below lays out.  Head over to their presentation on internet trends to learn more.

Surfing in a Tablet Wonderland

As we head toward XMAS 2012, tablet adoption shows no signs of slowing down.  The 2012 top Christmas pick for youngsters & pre-teens seems to be none other than the iPad (see the Nielsen chart below).   Clearly, this is going to be a very “tablety” holiday season.

2013 is going to be the year the tablet becomes ubiquitous...

It won’t be long before great-grandma is fiddling with some type of tablet device around the Christmas tree.  And, while Apple is still leading the pack, consumer’s now have more choice as prices are dropping due to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, & Microsoft’s Surface. That is a good thing.  Just last year the Shanghai Daily reported that a kid sold his kidney in exchange for a tablet. I really hope we don’t more hear stories like this going forward.