I was in Atlanta a few months ago and stopped by the MLK, Jr. memorial center briefly.  Today it is really hard to understand why people were treated so poorly just because of skin color.   When you ask people why they didn’t get engaged in the cause to end oppression during the civil rights era, you naturally get a wide range of answers excuses.

No Excuses

In 2011, we have unparalleled access to information.  Our world has gotten a lot smaller because of the web and social media.  We can no longer claim to be fully unaware of social injustice or suffering.  We don’t have any excuses. All we need to do is lift our collective computer lids and pay a bit of attention.

So as I walked through the MLK, Jr/ center, I wondered what our children will ask us in 2030?  Will they find it hard to understand why we couldn’t rise to meet the challenges (e.g. incredible poverty, starvation & malnutrition) of our day?

Getting involved in some type of  “creative capitalist”  solution (as Bill Gates puts it) is 1 way in which business / brand /digital leaders can join the cause to end poverty and other social injustices. For enlightened business leaders seeking to get involved in the creative capitalist movement, We First is a great new reference book.  In We First, Simon Mainwaring focuses on how brands and consumers can leverage social media to create a new version of capitalism that establishes them as partners in building a better world for all.

Please go pick up a copy of the book, and then head on over to the We First blog to engage in the conversation with Simon.

I am hoping We First will be a nice addition to your summer reading list.