My generation has lived through its share of asset bubbles.  We are getting pretty good at speculating ourselves into oblivion (tech/housing bubbles) only to watch everything crash right before our Laptop glazed eyes.

Will the Next Bubble Please Stand Up?

After grinding through the hard consequences of the housing bubble (is it over yet?), the obvious question is…what crazy new bubble will we think up next? Well, it appears that some believe we are in the midst of an internet start-up bubble.

Others, like Steve Blank in this recent post, are more optimistic, arguing that we are not in an internet start-up bubble.  Instead, we are on the brink of a creative, entrepreneurial revolution rivaling the scientific revolution in the 16th century and the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

The Luscious New Entrepreneurship Bubble:  Please Don’t Pop It

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to live in an era that drives transformation instead of (Yawn) another standard bubble.  Bubbles by nature are thin, fleeting and easily popped (with nothing behind them).

If we are indeed standing on the brink of an creative, entrepreneurial revolution rivaling the scientific revolution/industrial revolution…we can’t afford to see great entrepreneurial minds wasted on boring start-ups. We need angels & super angels, etc. to fund game changers that create & drive institutional and service innovation as well as product/feature innovation.

So What Will WE DO?

Here is another quote from Steve’s post:

This [entrepreneurial revolution] doesn’t mean just more technology stuff, though we’ll get that. This is a revolution that will permanently reshape business as we know it and more importantly, change the quality of life across the entire planet for all who come after us.

We are living in an age where entrepreneurs need to step in and fully assume a more constructive new role in society, choosing to drive quality of life for the entire planet (not just the richest 1/3 of the world).  We need folks who resist the urge to create “me2” knock-offs and useless “Facebook feed cluttering” games.  Instead, we need more meaningful innovators who are in it for the long haul…looking to improve life for people, communities & society.

So, I’d like to join my friends in saying…Rock on entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) we need you to change the status quo & refuse to feed another bubble.

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