User Generated Content has been on the rise for years – but over the past couple of years it has accelerated with incredible speed.  In 1999, when Kodak was at its peak, consumers were taking about 80 Billion photos yearlyAmount of pictures

No one really knows how many photos are taken yearly, but Benedict Evans did some “back of the envelope” work to give us a sense for the incredible amount of content created by consumers with the rise of the smartphone.  Facebook reported last year that 2 Billion photos are shared daily, which gives us roughly 730 Billion shared per year. This doesn’t include Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, etc.  Evans estimates that we saw 2 – 3 Trillion photos uploaded/shared in 2015 when you add the other networks into the mix.  And remember, these are the photos shared that we know about.  Imagine just how many were taken and NOT shared ?

So to give you a sense for the scale of User Generated Content (UGC) currently shared out there – more photos were taken in 2015 than were taken in the entire history of the analog film camera business.  That is crazy.

Clearly, we are living in an epic UGC revolution …

Photocredit – Mashable