Marketing is changing so fast today – if you aren’t feeling a bit overwhelmed something is probably wrong.  Even if you work in the Marketing Technology space (like I do) it is hard to keep up when the number of legitimate vendors doubles every year.   The increasingly Global dmexco event that I attended a couple of weeks ago in Cologne, Germany had over 800 vendors on display and was so packed you could barely move through the halls.

The number of vendors in the MarTech space doubled from 2014 to 2015 – and it could double again in 2016 when Scott Brinker and the team at update the slide again.  If that is the case – Scott will probably need to update his visual approach to mapping the landscape because a microscope won’t even be able to help us read the infographic then.

Focus vs the “all things to all people” approach:  At the dawn of the MarTech age (just a few years ago) companies grew by adding additional products to handle new, emerging platforms across the marketing stack.  Today, however, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have become highly complex.  Each platform has its own advertising approach/products, etc. Why should I buy an aging MarTech solution that sub-optimally “drops-in” another platform into its stack without going deep enough or providing the right insights to help my brand win vs competition?  And why should I lock myself into a long-term contract when, in the age of the cloud, I can build my own stack with best of breed players?   This debate will continue to rage as we head into 2016.  This article from Armando Biondi lays out the debate nicely if you are interested in digging deeper.

We are all feeling a bit overwhelmed by the rapid changes in the marketing landscape – so blogs like are very helpful as we all try to make sense of things. Looking forward to Scott’s next infographic too. 🙂