Marc Pritchard, P&G’s new Global Marketing Officer, held a forum this week in Geneva, and I had a chance to briefly talk with him after the session.

As Marc had already addressed a wide range of issues that I discuss regularly on this blog (marketing purpose, digital marketing, sustainability, etc.) during the session, I decided to ask him how he planned to interact with the global marketing community as he steps into his new role.  Marc said that he would probably put together a couple of external councils, etc. and that he was open to any new ideas we had for him in this area.

We also briefly discussed the blogosphere; he was very interested in the space and where it was all going.  He mentioned that he is a big fan of internal blogging & he was looking forward to watching it grow within P&G…while I agreed with him that internal blogging needs to expand, I also noted that external blogging offers so much more in terms of diversity of opinion and audience.  Indeed, I have really enjoyed the connections made with such a diverse range of external marketers around the globe during my short time in the blogosphere.

I found Marc to be very personable and approachable.  If you happen to run into him at an external engagement, I recommend that you try to catch up with him for a chat.

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