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The Purpose of a Brand & Branding

Those not as familiar with marketing/brand building like to send questions on the topic my way, so I thought I would write a few lines on brands and purpose.  This is not an exhaustive discussion, but hopefully it provides a couple of links for you (esp. start-up folks) to check-out.

Let’s start by pulling a definition of a brand from experts in the space:

A brand is a distinctive bundle [...]

When the image builders ruin your image?

Back in the late 80s/early 90s, I was a Andre Agassi fan.  I remember thinking how cool Andre’s life must be…jetting around the world, winning the big tournaments, making the big bucks.  Like many others, I liked Andre because he was a tennis rebel in an often lame world of white shirt tennis guys.  Agassi seemed to be a sort of Gen X rebel with an attitude.

Canon picked up on [...]

Polluting the Brand Purpose Ecosystem

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. Utterly meaningless!

–Ecclesiastes 1:2

Responsibility, Integrity, Communications, Excellence

–Core values adopted by the now defunct Enron

I’ve written a lot about brand purpose lately on this blog and for the most part I believe its good business practice for companies & brands to have a distinctive purpose.  Lately, a lot of companies seem to be getting quite good at [...]

Life is Good: Leaning on Brand Purpose…

It is getting easier and easier to look through a brand in today’s age of transparency.

As P&G equity guru Matt Carcieri puts it “consumers are now looking beyond the brand (both consciously and unconsciously) to discern the values and intentionality of (their) owners”.

Some brands make it easy for people to quickly discover their purpose, while other brands don’t do so well here.  Life is Good, an apparel & accessories [...]

A Growth story without the ads: Green Mountain Coffee

Adage recently posted an interesting article on coffee upstart Green Mountain Coffee.  While other companies have been hammered by the recent downturn, Green Mountain has been on a tear as of late, posting triple-digit earning gains and a 60% sales jump in its most recent quarter.

Impressive numbers…it looks like Green Mountain is starting to become a coffee brand powerhouse, recently acquiring brands like Neumann’s organics & moving their business toward [...]

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