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Leveraging scale with the enlightened billionaires + A new Corp. America pledge soon?

Scale is the stuff of business textbooks and industrial age business models.

It is also a scary word for just about anyone trying to start up an internal or external new venture (but will it scale Ryan?)

The strategy of “leveraging scale” led to 19th & 20th century riches. By smartly  understanding how to leverage scale, some companies have grown unfathomably large and sometimes even “too [...]

A week that simply blew me away

Martin Luther King, Jr. via

Like many of you, I was horrified, inspired and amazed at different times throughout this tragic week.

Horrified:  Watching the horrific tales of desperately trapped people unfold during the Haitian earthquake was gut wrenching.

We’ve all seen tragic events unfold on TV over the years & we’re used to seeing graphic coverage.  But what was it about this specific disaster that gnawed at me so hard?

Was it [...]

Inspired to Change History: A Motivational Guest Post from Shawn Seipler of Clean the World

Clean the World co-founder Shawn Seipler has provided m-cause with a very motivational guest post today.   In the post, Shawn talks about his burning desire to change his life and help others.  Shawn will get you fired up to go out there and make some change this holiday season–and beyond! So enjoy the guest post…big thanks to Shawn!

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt absolutely [...]

MyVetwork: Help spread the word on Veterans Day

In the USA, Nov 11th is Veterans Day. This year, in a show of support for Veterans and active duty servicemen/women, P&G is sponsoring Digital Veterans Day (DVD).  On Wednesday, digital leaders from P&G, Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Yahoo will descend on Cincinnati to support the non-profit social networking site MyVetwork. The goal of the night will be to leverage social networks, buzz & [...]

Action driving personal change–Clean the World co-founder Shawn Seipler

As life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time, at the peril of being not to have lived. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Shawn Seipler has an inspirational story.

A couple of years ago, Shawn was looking for new business opportunities in the “red-hot” green business sector.   Little did he know that he would find himself on [...]

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