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Messaging platforms have all the eyeballs – but when will they see the marketing $$$?

Near the end of 2015 – monthly active users for the “big 4” messaging apps surpassed the “big 4” social networking apps. This rapid move in consumer attention has been staggering and should have sparked a shift in marketing spend in 2016 – as brands pushed more $$$ into these messaging platforms.  However, this move hasn’t happened yet – partially driven by the fact that brand marketers have not been provided with easy [...]

Turning micro-influencers into brand ambassadors

Just this past week, Markerly released a study detailing the rise of the micro-influencer.

Markerly found that as an influencer on Instagram grows his/her audience–engagement typically drops.  In many cases, micro-influencers provide higher engagement levels and conversion potential for brands – especially within niche audiences – according to the study.  Hence, pulling together a plan on how best to identify and work with micro-influencers makes sense for brands looking to go beyond a [...]

This chart highlights the incredibly complex world of digital marketing right now

This chart highlights the incredibly complex world of digital marketing right now.

If you work in digital marketing, you know that things are pretty insane when it comes to making a technology decision.  Just walk the floor of any major digital marketing tech show and try to wrap your head around the entire landscape.  Good luck…

Yep, the scope of digital marketing is pretty amazing at [...]

The “Made in the USA” Movement is back

Just this week, we learned that the uniforms our good ole’ USA team will be competing in during the London Games are made in China…ouch.

Recent economic developments have (e.g. lower dollar, etc.) have brought a few manufacturing jobs back to the US, but by and large (as a consumer) it is still hard to step into a main street retailer and find “Made in the USA” products [...]

A Pinterest Fairy Tale

A few months ago, I was kicking around thoughts on the new social media darling known as Pinterest with a few folks during a seminar.  A bubbly young lady (let’s call her Tina) who was deep in the planning process for her wedding, lit up with enthusiasm.  She rattled off examples of how she used the site to discover items and put together wedding looks. When she finished telling the [...]

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