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Why getting spoofed just might be the best thing that can happen to a quality YouTube video

As marketing investment behind digital continues to grow and mature, we are starting to see some enjoyable branded YouTube “video wars” taking shape–even in more traditional categories like Prestige automotive.  Rarely have we seen auto rivals get this up close and personal as they battle it out in the digital marketing arena.      

Just this fall, Mercedes-Benz launched a successful viral video featuring funky dancing chickens.  In its Prestige [...]

Is something in your background bothering you?

When I bought my first iPhone a few years ago, I was drawn in by the allure of Apple and the world of Apps. At the time, I didn’t realize how many sensors were inside my phone.

The coolest thing for me as a consumer was the accelerometer–the sensor that enabled the iPhone to figure out if it should be in landscape or portrait mode and adjust itself accordingly.

Later, of course, [...]

Entrepreneurs rise up to defend the Occupy Wall Street movement

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pretty intrigued by the Occupy Wall Street movement as it “went global” last week.  Yeah, a few anti globalization demonstrations caught headlines in the late 90s, but I never thought a movement uniting the middle class left AND the right (at least in theory) against the perils of crony capitalism, corporate greed and political corruption would ever fully get [...]

Come on. NOW!

When I was in the Fortune 50 corporate world, one of the best pieces of practical advice I ever received was to “save as a draft.”  Hostile emails sent off in (real time) moments of anger typically don’t help anyone.

We all live in a NOW world (& it’s getting faster)

That was then (good old email days) but this is NOW.  Since its launch in 2006, Twitter  has given rise to [...]

Smartphones are eating the world, and helping people eat too

This week Marc Andreessen (co founder of Netscape/tech. investor extraordinaire) wrote an interesting article entitled Software is eating the world. In the article, Marc mentioned that in 10 years we could see 5 Billion smartphones on this planet.  Wow.  Smartphones are eating the world too…

Go read the article if you haven’t yet; it is a good one.

In 10 years, smartphones and smart mobile software will certainly do a much better [...]

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