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We First and no excuses

I was in Atlanta a few months ago and stopped by the MLK, Jr. memorial center briefly.  Today it is really hard to understand why people were treated so poorly just because of skin color.   When you ask people why they didn’t get engaged in the cause to end oppression during the civil rights era, you naturally get a wide range of answers excuses.

No Excuses

In 2011, we have unparalleled access [...]

Where everybody (not only the database) knows your name

Most people who stumble on this blog probably remember the TV show Cheers.  It was a pretty good show where the manager, Woody, sort of knew his patrons and developed human relationships with his loyal visitors.  There have been different shows pop up in the wake of Cheers, inspired by the communal business feel and relationships between patrons and the business.  I’m watching a show right now in Germany (ahem, [...]

Igniting Ideas

Innovators who build big ideas are essential to progress.  Of course, innovators must find ways to spread their ideas in order to drive ubiquitous change.

The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion is a (relatively) new book  that reminded me of another landmark book entitled:

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Both books contain principles of memetics, communication theory & [...]

5 Trends marketers should consider by 2025

Human strength augmentation, service robotics, artificial intelligence & life extension…these are just a few of the wonderful (or not so wonderful) things waiting for us in 2025.

Tonight I am stepping out of the marketing fishbowl to take a “long view” look at the dynamic changes happening in the Global landscape.  All too often I find myself reading marketing trend guides that discuss what’s just around the corner (e.g. the next [...]

Marketing goes deeper into the brain

Should marketers just give up on traditional consumer research & use neuromarketing in the future?  That was the first question that popped into my mind after reading a book called buy*ology over the weekend.

I’ll get to my second question in a second…

Buy*ology is a very interesting book that I skipped over in 2008, but decided to quickly have a look at into the new year on a tip from Dave [...]

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