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The Shutdown Crisis, Elysium, & Others

“Everybody wants to ask me lately about my predictions for the future,” the director says, “No, no, no.  This isn’t science fiction.  This is today.  This is now.”  –Neill Blomkamp, Director of Elysium

As a Sci-Fi enthusiast, I was excited about seeing Elysium back in July.  The movie envisions a future world of super rich folks “living large” on a man-made space station, while the rest of the world [...]

Want fries with that hack?

Those of you who subscribe to this blog via email might have (oddly) received an older post from “me” in your inbox today.   Some of you might have noticed a strange little ad at the bottom of the e-mail.

Additionally, if by chance you recently Googled m-cause, you may have received a notice that my site may be “compromised.”

All is well now.  I’ve had the [...]

What if you had no alternative?

Hello Everyone,

Some of you know that my wife & I were in Madagascar last year. There we met Andry.

Andry was abandoned on the streets of Madagascar when he was 12. His life was in danger because of a local superstitious curse. Luckily, he was rescued and brought to the Betikara orphanage where he struggled heavily at first after spending 12 years on the streets. Now, he speaks 4 languages and [...]

The deepest principle in human nature?

”The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” —Henry James, psychologist, 1890

Last week I shared with you a positive quote/idea from my father that helped me out in a difficult pinch; this week my mom is on deck…

I hope you were as lucky as I was to have a mom who bugged you a little bit about your manners & taught you to express gratitude when [...]

Critics don’t count…

Teddy Roosevelt’s inspiring 1910 “Man in the Arena” speech has a powerful quote that has challenged folks for more than century.   My dad introduced me to the quote at a time when I was in need of some serious inspiration.

It is a call to 1 thing…purposeful action.

It is a reminder that playing armchair quarterback is easy; getting out onto the field is another story.

So if you haven’t stumbled onto [...]

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