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Love, not Hate

In honor of MLK Jr. day, I’m posting a sermon on Loving Your Enemies from November 17, 1957.  As you will note when you read the first paragraph, MLK liked to preach on this topic at least once a year.   I will try to post an MLK speech each year on this holiday (as long as this blog is live).  Enjoy & reflect!

Loving Your Enemies November 17 1957 [...]

Why you need to have a Super Happy 2011!

A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ –Steinbeck

First, I want to wish all of you out there in the blogosphere a VERY happy New Year!

So what will you be into in 2011?  Allow me to go first…In 2011, I’ll start the year with a look into purpose, consumption & mobile on this blog.  I’ll sprinkle whatever I’m discussing with a marketing eye [...]

Waking up in a nomadic sub-culture

In today’s working world, you just might wake up one day and find yourself in a digitally nomadic sub-culture, mingling with entrepreneurs who work out of high tech back packs instead of high rise offices.

The term digital nomad has been around for quite a while.  Forward thinking authors have prophesied about the totally mobile worker for at least 20+ years.  With mobile technology rapidly advancing & companies becoming more [...]

Golftimer: The best mobile golf lesson scheduling software on the market

I love meeting and working with startups developing innovative tools within market niches.  Today, I’d like to talk about Werner Hofmann and his startup golftimer--hands down the best golf lesson scheduling software / golf pro business tool on the market today.

When I first had a full chat with Werner Hofmann, the man behind golftimer— he was naturally out and about on the golf course.   Among other things, we talked about [...]

A few books to pull you away from Twitter this summer

I’m a sucker for summer reading lists (or any reading list).  A lot of the lists overwhelm me, however, because they list so many books at one time and I feel like I want to check them out all at once.  So, I’m just going to list a few that I’m actually reading at the moment.

I recently saw Steven Covey live for the first time, which was great.  Steven reminded [...]

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