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The “Made in the USA” Movement is back

Just this week, we learned that the uniforms our good ole’ USA team will be competing in during the London Games are made in China…ouch.

Recent economic developments have (e.g. lower dollar, etc.) have brought a few manufacturing jobs back to the US, but by and large (as a consumer) it is still hard to step into a main street retailer and find “Made in the USA” products [...]

The Big Data Movement

“It’s unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game you’ve been playing all your life” –Baseball great, Mickey Mantle

The quote by Mantle (above) kicks off Brad Pitt’s hit movie Moneyball. In the movie, Billy Beane, a hard scrabble professional baseball front-office manager, faces the herculean business challenge of building a winning baseball team on a shoestring budget.

Better Metrics & Winning Insights

One of the key [...]

Entrepreneurs rise up to defend the Occupy Wall Street movement

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pretty intrigued by the Occupy Wall Street movement as it “went global” last week.  Yeah, a few anti globalization demonstrations caught headlines in the late 90s, but I never thought a movement uniting the middle class left AND the right (at least in theory) against the perils of crony capitalism, corporate greed and political corruption would ever fully get [...]

We First and no excuses

I was in Atlanta a few months ago and stopped by the MLK, Jr. memorial center briefly.  Today it is really hard to understand why people were treated so poorly just because of skin color.   When you ask people why they didn’t get engaged in the cause to end oppression during the civil rights era, you naturally get a wide range of answers excuses.

No Excuses

In 2011, we have unparalleled access [...]

No thank you left behind

How often have you forgotten to thank someone?

Like some of you, I have grown accustomed to wearing thick consumer goggles in our service led economy.  While I try to remember to thank the people who serve me every day, sometimes I fall short.  I am busy. I get distracted when I am in “consumer” mode.  So, when a brand helps me to slow down and “smell the roses” I think it’s pretty [...]

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