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Its All Good…or is it? Water wars in the 21st Century?

Its All Good…or is it?  Water wars in the 21st Century?

Dr. Greg Allgood probably has the best last name in the entire “Goodsphere”.  He’s the head of P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program and he regularly writes about his travels to remote villages where people use PUR water packets to purify their base water supply.  I don’t often get choked up when reading a [...]

The Death of Procter & Gamble???

When a marketing guru like Seth Godin makes a claim about the future of a company, people listen…

Recently Godin, author of Tribes, All Marketers are Liars and Seth’s blog, called out P&G as a company that will not survive the digital revolution.

On a digital marketing roundtable discussion on Six Pixels of Separation, Seth said that P&G, a thriving 170+ year old company that has successfully managed to double its business [...]

Brief chat with P&G’s new Global Marketing Officer

Marc Pritchard, P&G’s new Global Marketing Officer, held a forum this week in Geneva, and I had a chance to briefly talk with him after the session.

As Marc had already addressed a wide range of issues that I discuss regularly on this blog (marketing purpose, digital marketing, sustainability, etc.) during the session, I decided to ask him how he planned to interact with the global marketing community as he steps [...]

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