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Has the world become a corporation?

For Douglas Rushkoff, author of Life, Inc.  How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back, a pervasive mindset of “Corporatism” exists in society today.  Rushkoff believes that after generations of Corporate encroachment into the lives of ordinary people, the world has become a corporation, in a sense, and now it is time to take it back.

The Core Problem: After generations of subjugation to corporatism, ordinary people [...]

PIGS we can believe in?

In Germany, PIGS represent good luck…

A few years back, my often insightful Canadian brother in law made a brilliant observation about Germany and the German language.  He surmised that Germans tend to use the word Schwein (translation: PIG) in a tremendous amount of “off the cuff” slang.  Sometimes, of course, they use the word Sau (translation: um, Sow) instead.

Here are a few [...], crowdsourcing just for fun or with a purpose?

When I was back home in the US over XMAS, my niece, who just turned 8, asked my wife and I to play a “food” game in the car in order to pass the time…she didn’t have a name for the game, but she excitedly explained the rules to us like this: “Guys, whoever comes up with the grossest combination of food possible–WINS!

“OK”, I said…”how about a peanut butter [...]

Dwight Schrute is an office guy, but he’s also…

..frugal & green.

Dwight K. Schrute…the alpha-male, science fiction loving beet farmer/sales manager extraordinaire (and, don’t forget, the assistant “to the” regional manager) on the hit TV series the Office is not your ordinary, touchy-Greeny type of guy.  However, Dwight is keenly interested in beet farming and working the land.  As his blog post “Beets and me” on Schrute-Space indicates, he even enjoys getting up every morning (along with [...]

The US civil war of 09 or 10?

A few days ago, I saw an interesting Wall Street journal article from a Russian academic who thinks that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will kick-off a US civil war next fall (all combined with the collapse of the dollar). By June 2010, he believes that the U.S. will break into six nicely cut pieces–interestingly Alaska is going to revert to Russian control.  hmmm…

Photo [...]

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