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Got your goat? Or maybe a camel…or a croc?

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to put up a couple of last minute gifting ideas for XMAS…as I was looking up ideas, my wife thought the “give a goat” scheme from Oxfam sounded pretty cool. So tonight I will take a look at some different animal gifting programs.

The Goats: Giving a goat to someone in the developing world provides a range of benefits. [...]

If you ain’t in China…

One story that didn’t receive adequate coverage this year in the blogosphere (in my opinion) was that China overtook the US as the biggest online market in the world. It won’t be long until the Chinese digital market is double the size of the US. Indeed, the Chinese government is really going to have to work overtime to keep blocking all of the new (and increasingly young) Chinese surfers that [...]


photo from StarrGazr

17 + x = 68 and oh by the way, “Brace Yourself for a Great Semester!'”

OK, I know everyone remembers taking big, ugly math tests in school. So imagine that you sit down to start your algebra test…you look over to the right side of the page and you see an almost Google like text ad from the local dentist. Shocked, you then scroll [...]

Digital (sand) to the rescue?

As the soggy & cold weather conditions outside my apartment grow worse by the minute this evening, I would love to jump on a plane and head for a warm weather holiday! It was in this mindset tonight that I discovered thisisand. If you are having similar “weather blues” this evening, just go over to thisissand and take a crack at creating a sandy design. The soothing [...]

Market CHER

Building market share through an economic downtown is a pretty smart thing to do. Of course, everyone knows that discretionary marketing and advertising spending is the first thing to get cut when the economic grim reaper comes knocking. But, if you manage to cheat death for a little while and build some market share in the downturn, you are going to be in a great position vs. competition [...]

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