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established by us?

Tonight I found myself in a foul mood as I watched the DOW, the DAX, the FTSE dive.

Doesn’t it seem like the same managers, politicians, and CEOs (if you watch CNBC) are continually being interviewed on TV? Doesn’t it seem like the media focus on reporting from an establishment point of view? What if CNBC interviewed Joe the plumber a little more often? Media scholar [...]

Trucker Bombs (the High-end, Premium Kind)

Tonight m-cause becomes “man-cause” in the cause of a bit of Friday male humor…

I first heard about the very real dangers of flying “trucker bombs” from my brother who has been on several long driving trips across the country.  After his long trips, my brother reported about having to be sure and avoid these roadside health menaces.  My German wife was pretty shocked to hear about this as she had [...]

No kisses, but feeling pretty cool again…

Obama really does seem to be a President for the world.

I have lived in Europe for over 10 years now & this is my 3rd election overseas.  I have never experienced anything like this before…

On election night I was in Berlin.  There were several, larger than expected election parties in the German capital.  On German national TV, there was full-on coverage of the elections throughout the night.   It was almost [...]

Computers = Crack? + other Friday linkage

Hello everyone…I have been a bit slower out of the gate with my posts as of late.  I will get back on blogging track soon.  In the meantime, here are a couple of links.

The new face of giving:  Digital natives are giving differently…moving forward, non-profits and other cause organizations will need to continue to adapt to the giving habits of the neXt generation.

Is Advertising the New Graffiti ? The subway [...]

Change & HOPE vs experience…

Recently, I saw a 2004 documentary called the Persuaders (Frontline PBS).  The is a great documentary and I recommend it to anyone wanting to take a critical look at the inside of the persuasion industry.  Part of the documentary is about political advertising…this piece spurred my interest in what ads and rhetoric are currently being fed to the American public in 08.   That led me to the Living Room [...]

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