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The Growth of consumer reflection…what will it mean?

Consumers have a lot to consider before making a purchase of anything during these trying economic times.

On top of traditional purchase factors (Price, brand etc.) consideration of a company’s environmental and social stance seems to play a bigger & bigger role right now.  According to an excellent recent report by Forrester analyst Sally Cohen, consumers say that on top of everything else, their purchases are now generally influenced by the [...]

Closing on Sunday…part of the solution for crushing consumer debt?

Photo by ebaycoach

When I moved to southern Germany in the late 90s, I was surprised to learn that most shops were closed by 4 PM on Saturday and all day on Sunday. Literally, the only place you could get anything to eat at home on Sunday, if you did not manage your shopping during the week, was at the local gas station. To be fair, many [...]

Credit card crush

A round table of pundits recently hammered the American consumer on This Week Sunday for racking up incredible debt in the lead up to our current economic crisis (see this blog post for details):

George Will noted the following:

We’re coming dangerously close to the truth, which is the sainted American people are the problem here. That is, they have 105 billion credit cards, that’s nine per cardholder. Self-reporting, they have about [...]

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