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Dear U.S. digital leaders. Are you thinking Global First?

One of the most compelling promises of the internet was that for first time in human history, businesses could connect and transact with people anywhere in the world.  Roughly 20 years into the digital revolution however, less than 50% of the global population enjoys access to the internet.

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7 steps to consider when taking a start-up or small business global

We live in truly amazing times.  Back in the internet stone age (the year 2000) there were only 350 Million online globally, and the content was largely English language focused.  Today, 2.6 Billion people are online and the dominant country is China.

As access to the internet has exploded over the past few years, some digital powerhouses have done a great job of taking their businesses global.  Facebook, for example, had [...]

Micro-preneurs don’t need the old economy

A few months ago, I had a discussion with my brother & dad around the impending “economic reset” looming as a result of the European debt crisis.  So, we war-gamed scenarios, created new business ideas for the post-Euro world and poked a little fun at doomsday predictions.

Fast forward a few months into the future…while most countries in Euroland will probably not face extreme Depression era scenarios, 1 or 2 might [...]

Why Foursquare lags in Europe (for now)

Confession time.  Have you ever traveled abroad and returned home with a massive cell phone bill?

On a recent US–>Europe trip, I decided not to buy the outrageously expensive daily package from my service provider because I thought I would use data services “sparingly” while in the US.


I will spare you all the details of my smartphone bill horror story…it was ugly.  Luckily, I am not alone in my dislike for [...]

Berlin, Berlin

I’m hanging out in Berlin for a couple of weeks right now.  There is a great art, music & post modern counter-culture vibe here that seems to be exciting young people all over Europe (& the world).  The Euro tech startup scene is taking off as Berlin passes London (while it burns) as the place for young talent looking to shake the tech status quo on a shoestring budget.

US power [...]

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