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What will we do with the emerging start-up bubble?

My generation has lived through its share of asset bubbles.  We are getting pretty good at speculating ourselves into oblivion (tech/housing bubbles) only to watch everything crash right before our Laptop glazed eyes.

Will the Next Bubble Please Stand Up?

After grinding through the hard consequences of the housing bubble (is it over yet?), the obvious question is…what crazy new bubble will we think up next? Well, it appears that some believe [...]

Golftimer: The best mobile golf lesson scheduling software on the market

I love meeting and working with startups developing innovative tools within market niches.  Today, I’d like to talk about Werner Hofmann and his startup golftimer--hands down the best golf lesson scheduling software / golf pro business tool on the market today.

When I first had a full chat with Werner Hofmann, the man behind golftimer— he was naturally out and about on the golf course.   Among other things, we talked about [...]

Hello Rewind

If you get the chance, check out Hello Rewind.   This young group takes old T-shirts and turns them into cool laptop sleeves.

After my house was recently broken into, I had an incentive to throw all the rest of my old stuff out (what was left of it anyway).  In the process, I realized that I had a lot of old T-shirts that had sentimental value…but were on their “last [...]

Product transparency taken to a new level: fatburgr, Project Label & Good Guide

I don’t go to McDonalds that often, but when I do go, I have a weakness for a few core menu items…Chicken McNuggets, Big Macs & Fries.  Until now, I’ve never taken the time to look at the levels of fat, calories, etc. at McD’s.  Today, however, I came across, a new site enabling me to access all the product “McDetails.”

When comparing the fat levels of McNuggets to Chargrilled [...]

Nau is the time? Will fashion lead the way in the adoption of eco?

Eco clothing company Nau based out of eco-trendy Portland, Oregon is working hard to break into the outdoor clothing market–in a different way.  This “haute-nature” start-up opened for business in 2007…got some great reviews for its high-end outdoor look and deep dedication to sustainability, but then ran out of money.

But wait…they’re back! Nau has re-opened for business.   Santa Barbara, CA based Horny Toad purchased Nau after they announced they [...]

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