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I want my life back

It’s easy to point the finger at Mr. Hayward from BP right now.  Recent callous comments from Mr. Hayward (“I want my life back”) are almost darkly funny coming from an exec who’s likely sweating out the oil crisis in a 5 star hotel and crisscrossing the world via an executive jet when he needs a moment with the family.

Surely Mr. Hayward’s PR team is not happy with the [...]

Defectors from the Inside the Chamber

What do Apple, Nike & PG&E have in common?  They all recently staged rare corporate defections from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Below is an excerpt from the PG&E press release

SAN FRANCISCO -(Dow Jones)- PG&E Corp. (PCG) said Tuesday it is leaving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over objections to what its top executive called the chamber’s “extreme position on climate change.”

And here is an excerpt from Nike’s release (side [...]

Its All Good…or is it? Water wars in the 21st Century?

Its All Good…or is it?  Water wars in the 21st Century?

Dr. Greg Allgood probably has the best last name in the entire “Goodsphere”.  He’s the head of P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program and he regularly writes about his travels to remote villages where people use PUR water packets to purify their base water supply.  I don’t often get choked up when reading a [...]

Drive-thru sustainability

This is a cross-post from a piece I wrote for GO Media

A few years ago while back home in the US, I hopped in the car with the family to quickly run some errands.  Now, you need to understand that I have been in Europe for over 10 years and was not ready for what would happen next—a shopping experience without ever actually touching the [...]

Products that air their (hopefully less) dirty laundry

I’m guessing everyone who stumbles onto this post is already familiar with Wal-Mart‘s move to encourage suppliers to transparently disclose detailed life cycle information on their products.  Basically, Wal-Mart’s big idea is to develop a rating system that scores products based on how environmentally and socially sustainable they are over the course of their life….sort of like a sustainability nutrition label (as the NYT points out).

I’m impressed.  With the announcement [...]

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