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The Silent “Greenmutes” vs the “Better Greenwashers”

Being accused of Greenwashing strikes fear into the hearts of many eco-conscious (at some not so eco-conscious) marketers around the world.  And that is probably good–to a point.

Seth Bauer, in a presentation at the Sustainable Brands 09 conference (via Triple Pundit) argues that with so much focus in the media on exposing misleading or exaggerated green claims, many companies are discouraged from pursuing legitimate, green product innovation. And for those [...]

Vulcan consumer product strategies

“Live Long and Prosper” —Spock

I saw the new Star Trek movie last night and enjoyed watching the new Spock re-introduce us to the famous line & associated 4 finger salue, “Live Long & Prosper“.  While we don’t have Vulcan life spans (apparently they can live to be over two hundred years old) we Earthlings would still like to maximize our time on the planet [...]

Why aren’t more Europeans considered “Green shoppers”?

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As Earth Day approaches this week, I’ve got my mind on Green.

I recently saw a new Forrester report (European Green Shoppers Unveiled) highlighting that while 71% of the European population is concerned about the environment, only 12% of European adults can be defined as green shoppers (Forrester defines a Green shopper as someone thinking about the environment while shopping offline or online).

12%?  Wait a minute…aren’t Europeans supposed to [...]

Shareholder activism, Glasnost and dinosaurs…

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Mikhail Gorbachev introduced Glasnost in the 80s…hoping he could moderate the abuse of administrative power in the Central Committee of the USSR.  Gorbachev uncorked the genie of openness and transparency (see Wikipedia for full details) unleashing a pent up yearning for freedom.  We all know what happened next–the iron curtain fell and democracies started popping up across eastern Europe.

It would have been great to have a Gorbachev like [...]

Procter & Gamble going deeper with sustainability

I just received some good news…P&G is “upping the sustainability ante” & will expand its product, ops & social responsibility targets.  I have listed the new goals for 2012 below (direct from the source)…personally, I was particularly happy to hear about the expanded new product pipeline and the increase in focus from the Top ((I added a quote from A.G. Lafley (CEO) at the end)).  It was also very encouraging [...]

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