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Mama, I just want to be famous

We’re all pretty bland in reality, but the reality TV shows don’t call if you are boring.

Personally bland, but acting Extreme

In order to be famous today, I can’t just be different, I must be EXTREME.

And fame is the name of the game in our celebrity obsessed world.  A series of studies recently have identified this interesting shift in our culture–especially with respect to younger kids.

A survey of 5 – [...]

Beware the Ivory Tower…a looming creativity decline in an era of no travel?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

There are some super creative guys out there who are always on the go…always traveling across the globe–without so much as a worry.   I have lived in 4 countries and I stay pretty mobile in my current role.  And, yes, I recognize the benefits of being a nomad (keeps your mind open, brings new perspectives).  But, there is another level of mobile nomadic creatives who [...]

Does Reality Bite? Or are authentic “reality products” the future? Patagonia case study

In today’s world, we are fascinated by reality & authenticity.  Reality TV, YouTube @home stars, etc…we all want more authenticity.  Indeed, authenticity is a key buzz word in the new marketing world.  People long to connect with other authentic people.  People want to buy authentic products…and people want to work for authentic companies.


Consumers currently in their consumption prime (esp. Gen Xers) crave authenticity because they are just plain sick [...]

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