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Branded apps are dead. Or are they?

Just over a year ago, Deloitte launched a report on the state of mobile branded apps. The result was pretty disheartening. Most branded apps were considered flops, as the report outlined that 80% of branded apps had been downloaded less than 1,000 times.

In fairness to the brands–many of them have just been experimenting with APps (testing & learning) during the initial App creation boom. Mobile spending is still only a [...]

The First Apple Product Evangelist & Advocate…

Image by intuitive cat via Flickr

In the Garden of Eden, all of the apples were (likely) delicious & satisfying and they probably even looked the same.  In a sense…they were commodities.  So how was demand created for the apple hanging from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil?

Reframing Value

The serpent knew that people very often buy into benefits and don’t only choose products on the basis of [...]

Refreshing the American dream

What do you value?

I’ve just stumbled upon an old slideshare presentation listing American core values:

Achievement & Success, Individualism, Freedom, Progress, Material Comfort, Activity, Practicality, External Conformity, Humanitarianism, Youthfulness, Fitness & Health.

Many of these values flow from our history as a country promoting life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness in the “land of plenty.”

James Truslow Adams first coined the term American Dream in his 1931 book Epic of America:  [...]

What value equation wins with you?

“Value is about the totality of the experience: what you get for your money, not just how cheap it is. I think we all know that intuitively.” –Ron Shaich, CEO of Panera Breand

There has been a lot of talk about value and value equations lately.  Blog posts & business articles around winning the value game with consumers are everywhere at the moment…needless to say the “V-word” is on [...]

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