When I was in the Fortune 50 corporate world, one of the best pieces of practical advice I ever received was to “save as a draft.”  Hostile emails sent off in (real time) moments of anger typically don’t help anyone.

We all live in a NOW world (& it’s getting faster)

That was then (good old email days) but this is NOW.  Since its launch in 2006, Twitter  has given rise to a publishing immediacy that is pretty incredible.  There is practically no delay between a thought and a published tweet on this game changing micro blogging platform.
A few years ago, pundits lamented that bloggers were sabotaging journalism.  Bloggers were lampooned as rash and quick to judge.  Today, old school bloggers spending two hours researching a topic to write three coherent paragraphs before publishing are seen as legit critical thinkers 🙂

I’m noticing the NOW addiction in my own consumer behavior.  I’m blogging less & tweeting more (sigh).  Just a few years ago, I thought it was amazing to have a crisp new book arrive on my doorstep from Amazon.com–in 1 day!  Today, I’m expecting a real time digital download from the ubiquitous internet cloud on my Kindle or iPhone.  I’m almost stunned when a book has to physically be delivered to me because Amazon was slow to digitize the author’s content.  And, I can’t even remember the last time I set foot in a brick & mortar DVD shop.  As Sebastien Provencher (VP of Needium) and panel leader at the upcoming Local, Social conference nicely puts it, “consumers are looking for instant gratification via real time products, services and experiences.”

Yep, if we are honest, instant gratification expectations have crept into our lives even if our true desires are for things to slow down a bit.

It is still all about the consumer/customer/shopper in the real time era.  But they are all harder to please.

Brands that don’t adapt their models to the real time / always on /individually focused digital age could be ushered to the exit–anyone seen Blockbuster, Borders or Circuit City lately?  As Forrester notes, companies need to obsess over how to deal with the incredible amount of real time data and  intelligence generated by empowered consumers in this disruptive, NOW world.

Oops.  I wanted to write more about this stuff, but I need to run!  More to come on the real time intelligence topic though and thanks for hanging with me through a few weeks without a post.