After being out for a bit more than a week, I thought I would post a couple of links that caught my eye as I re-opened my computer.

Conspicuous, but not Consuming:  Why Facebook is more important to the environment than solar panels:  This is a pretty optimistic article (which I missed over a month ago) touting the move to online social networking as a fundamental shift in the pattern of human behavior.  According to the article, the “new, new socially networked conspicous consumption” will replace the conspicous consumption of physical goods, putting the brakes on the purchase of unecessary big ticket items (boats, cars, etc.) to reinforce social status.   As the authors note, Conspicuous consumption is being replaced by conspicuous expression as the driver of identity.  This new paradigm emphasizes the conspicuousness of ideas, interests & opinions rather than accumulating more stuff than your neighbors…interesting stuff, read through the comments section.

“Constructive Capitalism” by Umair Haque:  Umair talks about companies that “unnovate” instead of innovate in this interesting 45 minute keynote. 

Environmentaland – Hollywood’s Newest Quirky Theme Park:  I must admit, this one caught me by surprise.  Though California is definitely a Green leader in the U.S., putting an Environmental theme park smack-dab in the middle of “glam central” was pretty unexpected…I do like the selling line for the park “nobody rides for free”.   Environmentaland is the brain child of Global Inheritance.

Social Media & CSR:  The top 10 sites for creating conversation: A good list of sites from Chris Jarvis

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