If you get the chance, check out Hello Rewind.   This young group takes old T-shirts and turns them into cool laptop sleeves.

After my house was recently broken into, I had an incentive to throw all the rest of my old stuff out (what was left of it anyway).  In the process, I realized that I had a lot of old T-shirts that had sentimental value…but were on their “last legs.”  So, why not turn them into something like a laptop bag?

Fast Forward a couple of years

I really like the T-Shirt Art recycling idea.  Admittedly, I already have a functional laptop cover, but I could think of loads of ideas for old T-shirt products.  I’m hoping that Hello Rewind gets some traction & then moves beyond Laptop bags.

And a good cause embedded as well…

Hello Rewind is working to employ victims of sex crimes in the production of the laptop bags.  The team works with women formerly sex trafficked in New York City so they can learn new skills and support themselves.

By purchasing a Hello Rewind laptop sleeve, you help sustain their mission.  So, if you are in the market for a laptop bag, check these guys out!

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