Over the past few months I’ve noticed some discussion around internet / digital culture.  It has been fascinating to watch how social networking comms/emojis, etc. steadily crept into business comms via internal social networking tools (e.g. Slack, Chatter, Yammer, etc) over the past few months.

So, I thought I would join the conversation with a few phrases / emojis that could disappear IMHO 🙂  Granted, I’m guilty of this stuff too, so not being too judgmental here.  Just adding my two cents.

  • For Reals:  Now come on, why do we need to add an (s)?  Back in the glorious 90s, “for real” was just fine without an s.   Ranker has it right, this phrase needs to go…
  • om nom nom nom:  People love to post pictures of food – which is great.  I like food (and bacon) too.  But please, why the onomatopoeia?  I agree with HuffPo on this one.
  • [Any Word] Hacks” such as “Morning Hacks”:  This one comes from Eric over at Eric’s Musings:  Why is everything a hack? How about: “How to improve your morning” or “Getting more done in the morning” or others
  • Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down emoji:  I don’t know, maybe this is just a personal thing, but I find it annoying to get a picture of a thumb instead of a short text reply.  Photo courtesy of iemoji

emojis emojis jpg