How often have you forgotten to thank someone?

Like some of you, I have grown accustomed to wearing thick consumer goggles in our service led economy.  While I try to remember to thank the people who serve me every day, sometimes I fall short.  I am busy. I get distracted when I am in “consumer” mode.  So, when a brand helps me to slow down and “smell the roses” I think it’s pretty cool (and certainly unusual).

Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K) 

Just this week a report highlighted how brands like Biotherm, Interflora, Secret, Wheat Thins and KLM are spreading Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K) all over the globe.  While I was familiar with a couple of these campaigns, the report highlighted a few smaller brands doing cool things (e.g. Sweetgreen and their random acts of Sweetness).

My favorite  story in the report was from the Spanish travel agency Atrapalo. Atrapalo helped Lucas Jatobá, a Brazilian creative who spent three years living in Barcelona, thank the city for his great time there. Attaching theater tickets to balloons, he released them over the city hoping that they would find their way to random people. The video has now been watched over 400,000 times. What a fun thank you!

So, how about spending a little more time thanking someone who makes your day better?  Why not have a conversation with the guy who serves up that cup of Joe just the way you like it each day?   We are not born to be served, and we don’t have to get caught up in a “serve me now”‘consumer mindset.   We can spread random acts of kindness, just by going a bit beyond each day.  Sure, sometimes we run into awful service (often from unhappy people who are not being paid a living wage).  By and large though, we are lucky to be served by so many warm people in our service led economy throughout the day.

It is great to watch the “thank you economy” (btw check out the book on the Thank You Economy by Gary V) grow and prosper.

So who will you go out of your way to thank today?  Here is a good link for ideas on random acts of kindness.