September is one of my favorite months.  (American) Football season kicks-off and the weather is generally great for BBQ and games.

Snickers recently teamed up with social media star “Johnny Football” for a fun video that helped the brand perform well on YouTube over the past 31 days.

Skittles may have had more views over the past 31 days, but Snickers dominated share of ratings (29% share) in the confectionery category on the back of strong engagement around the “Johnny JamBoogie” video.












Snickers has really been fun to watch over the past few months in the confectionery world (esp. if you are like me & love sports).

The Snickers world cup “Suarez” Tweet caused a nice stir and has helped the brand grow its Twitter follower base.

You can see the spike in the confectionery category below.

Snickers & Suarez copy



Snickers & Suarez










I’m looking forward to some more sports related content from the guys @Snickers this year…