Just this week, we learned that the uniforms our good ole’ USA team will be competing in during the London Games are made in China…ouch.

Recent economic developments have (e.g. lower dollar, etc.) have brought a few manufacturing jobs back to the US, but by and large (as a consumer) it is still hard to step into a main street retailer and find “Made in the USA” products for every day low prices.

Back in the early 80s in the US, manufacturing as a percentage of the labor force was at about 25%.  Today, that number is now hovering around a pitiful 12%.  So, I was encouraged this week when I saw a new curated eCommerce platform from the team at Made Movement.

The Made Movement team is actually a Marketing Agency seeking to support a resurgence in American Manufacturing.  They plan to help brands with “business-solving, needle-moving strategy and marketing.”  And, they also have their own curated collection of products that you can browse on the site.  Additionally, they’ve managed to bring in Alex Bogusky, an original founder of the ground breaking Ad agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky to help with financial & intellectual capital.

Go on over & sign up for their flash sale newsletters & support the movement.

Photo courtesy of twicepix via Flickr